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What are the common size spec...
According to the needs of the express company, there are three common types of express bags. The bag model......
How much do you know about t...
Gourd film is a gourd ball-shaped bubble film, which is made of......
What are the advantages of gour...
1. It can make the packaged product have better tightness and fixat......
What are the common size spec...
According to the needs of the express company, there are three com......
How to shockproof the bubble b...
The bubble bag has the characteristics of printing, fashion, intern......
Why are air column bags so pop...
The reasons for the popularity of air column bags are as follows:......

The company is determined to provide professional full-field packaging solutions and the development and production of bio-based biodegradable new packaging materials. The company introduces technology and equipment, and provides customers with inflators, inflatable bags, and co-extruded films with production capacity and modern management. Bags, filled packaging bags, filled bags, express packaging bags, express bags, air column bags, bubble bags, bubble bags, e-commerce logistics packaging bags, air bags, cushion packaging bags, cushion air cushions, cushion air cushion machines, cushion air pillows , Gourd film and other packaging materials.


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